"Designed by you...

           ...made by us."

CHiLLi PiP lounge designs is a lounge manufacturer based in Sydney for the past 20 years. 

Design a lounge that is custom made for you and your home.
Design it to suit your lifestyle.

Create your own dream lounge.

Your lounge will be made to your specifications on size, shape and colour.

For over 20 years CHiLLi PiP designs is Sydney's favourite choice of lounge manufacturer. 

"100% Australian Owned & Built for the Australian Life Style"

CHiLLi PiP is a family based business, 100% Australian Owned, specialising in manufacturing lounges to your specifications.

"Let your personality and style be reflected through your lounge."

Colour plays a significant role in setting the mood at home. There is nothing more comforting than to have a lounge that gives you peace. Whether you have had a good day or a tough day when you sit in your CHiLLi PiP lounge you will rejuvenate, reflect or celebrate the day.

Your sofa should be your sanctuary where you can relax from the day to day bustle of life.

"Home is where your lounge is."

With today's get up and go lifestyle where one minute your here the next you are there. You can always rely on your CHiLLi PiP lounge to make your house a home.

That is why "home is where your lounge is".

We also specialise in home theatres rooms, bay window style settings, ottomans and cushions.

CHiLLi PiP lounge manufacture has also been able to assist with back and knees injuries that makes it difficult getting in and out of your lounge. This can happen when the lounge doesn't suit your body. We can manufacturer your couch with a higher seat so that you can ease in and out with comfort.

Commercial Works

CHiLLi PiP lounge manufacturer specialises in the needs and demands of commercial works.
Whether it's for a club, restaurant, hotel or corporate location. Our highly skilled team can meet your time frame, quantity, quality and budget.

We understand that as a contractor you are under pressure to complete the project on time and on budget.

Architects and designers are on a mission to make their vision into reality.

This is what we love being part of.

A dream and an idea that comes reality.


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